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Jan 31, 2019 The Sonic Alert vibrating alarm clock includes a dual alarm with volume control. Perfect for the hearing impaired or if you share a bed, this feature wakes even the heaviest sleepers. The shakeawake feature is powerful, particularly for such a small unit.Jul 27, 2016 Vibration alarm is great for the deaf, or to avoid disturbing others. This alarm clock watch also features an audible alarm. For use in the kitchen, this alarm clock watch also has a timer feature. Features: Large 12in. high numbers Handy backlight makes viewing the LCD display easy in the dark Uses 1 AAA battery (not included. ) deaf alarm clock watch

Jul 16, 2017  The best alarm clock for the hard of hearing provides an alternative visual or vibrotactile alert, rather than only a generic audio alert signal such as a buzz, beep, or radio. The alert signal can be in the form of a vibration or light, and can also include an adjustable frequency tone or amplified signal if

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Mar 21, 2018  The last alarm for hearing impaired people is not a clock in the traditional sense; its wearable technology. Ditto uses a Bluetooth Connection to your phone to provide alerts and alarms via vibration. It can be clipped to your body, inserted into a wristwatch band, or placed under your pillow to wake you in the morning. (Cost: 40)

Standard alarm clocks are not very effective at waking deep sleepers or people with a hearing loss, especially those who are severely hard of hearing or deaf. The alarm clocks include a combination of features, such as extra loud alarms, vibrating bed shakers, lamp flashers and bright strobe light that's sure to wake you up!

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The alarm clocks we carry include a combination of special features that make them ideal for people with hearing loss, those who are deaf, or for those who are just deep sleepers. Items 1 to 12 of 50 total Show 9 12 15 21 30 All per page

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