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Barbed definition is having barbs. How to use barbed in a sentence. having barbs; characterized by pointed and biting criticism or sarcasm See the full definition. SINCE 1828. Menu. JOIN MWU The candidates exchanged barbed comments during the debate. barbed satire on American academiabarbed definition: 1. having a sharp point that curves backwards 2. unkind and criticizing: 3. having a sharp point. Learn more. barbed comments

A barb is a very sharp object that can cause physical damage. When somebody uses the word to describe a comment from one person to another it means that person was trying to

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Barbed definition: A barbed remark or joke seems polite or humorous, but contains a cleverly hidden Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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The kind of barbed comment delivered with a smile to take the sting out of it. He had never cared for his stepmother and now that her treachery was known to him, it was impossible not to send barbed comments in her direction. It isn't at all clear to whom these barbed comments were directed.

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Then, when our ammunition was gone and the Klondiker, still somewhat sober, began to babble again of Milly, Kraft whispered into his ear such a polite, barbed insult relating to people who were miserly with their funds, that the miner crashed down handful after handful of silver and notes, calling for all the fluids in the world to drown the imputation.

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