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Hebrew language program. The Center offers a variety of daytime and evening Hebrew classes, from beginner (Aleph level) to advanced (Hay level), in both Ulpan Ben Yehuda conversational Hebrew and prayer book Hebrew. Our instructors bring a wealth of ability to the Centers Hebrew program, and all incorporate discussions on relevant Jewish holidaysClasses are offered Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings in a 12week session. Each class is one hour. Aleph, Bet, Gimel, Givatayim, Dimona, Herzliya, and Vered HaGalil require the textbook Hebrew From Scratch (Part 1). You can purchase a new copy of the textbook at the time of registration and pick it up in your classroom on your first day of class. hebrew culture classes

Classes and Workshops Jewish learning comes in so many forms for all ages. Regular class offerings include Hebrew, Introduction to Judaism, and Love& Religion, our interfaith couples workshop.

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Online classes allow you to fit language learning into the rest of your schedule. With web conferencing, you will also have weekly facetoface learning with your teacher and classmates. Our Hebrew teacher, Yael Gal, is a native Israeli and a master teacher who is an expert in using technology and making language learning fun.

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Jewish Culture Classes. The Jewish Culture and Learning Department offers a wide variety of classes, workshops and forums for everyone from young families to older adults. These programs include collaborations with Israel and strive to expand the knowledge and understanding of Judaism through ongoing learning.

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