Gt 555m voltage overclock

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Oct 03, 2012 The best stable overclock I can get is 780 CPU clock with a 970 memory clock with either the ASUS BIOS or with this modified one. I can't be certain that it upped the GPU voltage since GPUZ reports 0. 9000 volts with the stock VBIOS and this modified one so I suspect the app can't properly read the GPU voltage for the 555m.Aug 28, 2013 Description A tutorial on how to overclock your laptop's graphics card. I apologize for the length and if you find it difficult to decipher some of the words I say, but it's definitely worth gt 555m voltage overclock

Mar 31, 2011 And the 555M is great for overclocking. . a lot better as the older 445M in my XPS before. I overclocked it a lot and the temps are not going over 79C in Games like Crysis and Crysis 2. Before I overclocked the card I played Crysis 2 with 1925 frames on very high . . now I can play with 3035 frames in 1080p. Great. No artefacts or other problems.

Gt 555m voltage overclock free

Jan 20, 2013 I did not overclock yet and I was running on batteries. I will retry the test when I'm home, but until then, if anyone knows the reason, let me know. I am running the latest beta driver 306. 02 Benchmark result: NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M video card benchmark result Intel Core i M Processor, LENOVO Base Board Product Name score: P876 3DMarks

Feb 06, 2012 The Asus N55SF comes with a Nvidia GT 555m, which has already been proven to be highly overclockable by Alienware M14x users. M14x owners have already the possibility to slightly increase the voltage of their GPU by using a slightly VBIOS

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Aug 17, 2011 Neither does this necessarily apply to any laptop with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M such as the Dell XPS 17 due to a different cooling layout. This might nevertheless give you some hint about what to expect from the GT 555M. Overclocking Software. There are several apps available that will overclock your NVIDIA graphics card.

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