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2019-12-06 14:05

Jul 18, 2019 Instagram is hiding the number of likes on posts in several countries, including Australia and Japan, in order to remove pressure on users. At the moment, Instagram users see a running total ofSep 03, 2019 Facebook is considering hiding the numbers of likes to others in posts, similar to an experiment it's doing with companyowned Instagram in several countries. The idea is to take away the facebook hide all comments and likes

Feb 08, 2018 Follow these steps: 1. Log onto Facebook. 2. Click Timeline on your personal page. 3. Click More. 4. Click Likes. 5. Click Manage (the pencil icon on the right). 6

Facebook hide all comments and likes free

Oct 22, 2018 How do you Manage who can like or comment on profile information that is always public, including your profile pictures, profile videos, cover photos, featured photos and updates to your short bio.

How can I hide all likescomments on my profilecover photo from the public? Settings. This person will be able to see my friends who like or comment on my photo. If I cannot hide the likes and comments, I will have to close my FaceBook account. Posted about 2 years ago by Anne. Facebook actually supports sta lkers by not giving us

Sep 03, 2019  Facebook is considering a test to hide likes on News Feed posts. The company already tested a similar move on Instagram in August as a way to

Jan 22, 2018 You can't set custom audiences for comments and likes ( CL ); rather CL are generally visible to anyone who can see the post that was commented on or liked ; this means that if you CL on a public page, your friends could (and for that matter,

Dec 31, 2018 How to stop my Facebook comments on a friendpage's posts 2019 how to stop friends from seeing my likes and comments on facebook 2018 how do i stop my comments showing up on friends news feed how

Aug 14, 2019  Weve all had it happen: A negative comment on a Facebook Page post glares at you from the screen. Our first instinct (or at least, mine) is to hide the negative comment or somehow bury it, so it wont hurt the post or my business, (especially in this age where social media reputation weighs so heavily). We do, after all, have the option to hide comments on Facebook.

Sep 04, 2019  A coder was poking around in the Facebook code on her device and discovered something odd. There was an asyet inactive piece of code that would hide the number of likes any given post gets from other users, only allowing the individual to see their own number of likes. This concept is apparently already being tested in limited locations

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Facebook is preparing to test hiding all your 'Likes' Send to. 0 Comments. the code of the latest Android. apk for Facebook and discovered code that would hide the Like' counter from

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