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2020-01-20 08:44

: KC3 detects that your current API link either have been requested about 20 minutes ago or it have been used previously. Also, to make sure that you didn't access this tab directly with expired API link. You may need to refresh your current API either via Popup menu orBeen having this issue since I've pulled 19. 2 I read on FB that by going into the config and changing the language to en instead of troll that that would fix it. However, when I went into the config, the language was already set to kc3 kai troll comments

Jan 19, 2017 Kantai Collection. Discussion in 'Games& Gaming' started by AzureGrimoire, but KC3 kai latest update now give you the effectiveness of each ship in AA, with both proportional and fixed shot down rate, when you move the mouse over the head of a shipgirl in the panel. and waifu Akizuki does help quite a bit on troll maps like that. Bki

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Welcome to the Admirals' Lounge! Grab a drink and take some time off. As always, this is the place for you to ask all those questions that you don't want to make an entire post about, and have a general discussion about whatever you like. Things, you can't locate on the wiki, opinions on fleet comp, anything you can think of is fine here.

rkancolle: A subreddit for the Japanese game about cute WW2 ships fighting cute evil notWW2 ships.

This is an attempt to gather fleet composition reports on Spring 2016 EventE1 into one thread rather than having them lost in the pages of the Spring 2016 Event comments.

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Zuikaku kai 2 is now available for remodel, requiring 1 catapult and a blueprint. I guess he's scared of skeletonfags ruining his account with troll comments, because he did something a bit more to my liking in the Atago doujin Example would be KC3 which refreshes your API link. Sadly that didn't work either for me Anonymous Sun Nov

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