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Audio commentary with writerdirector David Cronenberg Audio commentary with William Beard, author of The Artist as Monster: The Cinema of David Cronenberg Audio commentary with Jill C. Nelson, author of Golden Goddesses: 25 Legendary Women Of Classic Erotic Cinema, and Marilyn Chambers Personal Appearances Manager Ken LeichtJul 29, 2016 Rabid (1977) David Cronenberg Audio Commentary Duration: 1: 29: 40. cinematographos 7, 619 views cronenberg commentary

Jul 29, 2016 Cosmopolis (2012) David Cronenberg Audio Commentary Duration: 1: 49: 17. cinematographos 8, 160 views

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Sep 15, 2011 Commentators: David Cronenberg (cowriter, director), gallons and gallons of dramaticgoop The Fly came to David Cronenberg through Mel Brooks who was working with producer Stuart Cornfeld at the

Cronenberg is one of the few people I know to whom I could say, Cover anything you want, just please keep talking. I actually called him on the phone as a teenager

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Nov 15, 2016  NEW Audio Commentary With Writer William Beard, Author Of The Artist As Monster: The Cinema Of David Cronenberg; Audio Commentary With Actor Jeremy Irons DISC TWO NEW 2K Scan At The Director's Preferred Aspect Ratio (1. 66: 1) NEW Carey's Story An Interview With Heidi Von Palleske; NEW Working Artist An Interview With Stephen Lack

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