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Which basically means a fat jar with the addition of test classes (and their dependencies). The Maven Jar Plugin and its testjar goal would not suit this need. The Maven Shade Plugin and its shadeTestJar option would not help neither. So, how to create in Maven a fat jar with test classes and external dependencies?Running a Single Test. During development, you may run a single test class repeatedly. To run this through Maven, set the test property to a specific test case. mvn DtestTestCircle test. The value for the test parameter is the name of the test class (without the extension; compile test classes maven

Aug 01, 2018 EclipseMaven: JUnit tests not compiled when running them. I then have to manually recompile them by using mvn testcompile or other goals. JUnit test classes should be in srctestjava, not srcmainjava, otherwise they aren't detected correctly by Maven as test classes and they would be included in the packaged jar and not in the test

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If your Java project is Mavenbased, you can execute tests in the command prompt by specifying the goal test when running Maven, for example: mvn test mvn clean test mvn clean compile test And make sure that you have JUnit dependency in the pom. xml file: junit junit 4. 12 test Video:

Apr 17, 2011 mvn test# Run all test methods match pattern 'testHello' and 'testMagic' from a test class. mvn test The default mavensurefireplugin is outdated, make sure update to the latest to support new features, like pattern matching or run a single test method, and etc.

Oct 24, 2016 I have some classes I'm using as tests in my srctestjava folder of my project. When I run maven using the standard maven compile plugin. Those items are compiled into. class files and are included in the jar where the compiled code is packaged.

How to create a jar containing test classes. When you want to create a jar containing testclasses, you would probably want to reuse those classes. There are two ways to solve this: Create an attached jar with the testclasses from the current project and loose its transitive test scoped dependencies. Create a separate project with the testclasses.

Given the lifecycle phases above, this means that when the default lifecycle is used, Maven will first validate the project, then will try to compile the sources, run those against the tests, package the binaries (e. g. jar), run integration tests against that package, verify the integration tests, install the verified package to the local repository, then deploy the installed package to a remote repository.

If you absolutely must, you can also use the maven. test. skip property to skip compiling the tests. maven. test. skip is honored by Surefire, Failsafe and the Compiler Plugin. mvn install Dmaven. test. skiptrue

Dec 18, 2014  possible duplicate of Maven compile with multiple src directories Joe Dec 18 '14 at 12: 29 Why would you like to compile classes from a different folder? The problem i have is your configuration shows you are trying to define the existing defaults an other time cause srcmainjava?

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In case you really want to only compile the tests (skip all other phases like compile), this will do mvn See

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