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Jan 25, 2018 Discuss Need help, setting horstmann economy 7 it's just not working in the Electrical Forum area at X. Xto. Oct 21, 2012# 1 the timer dial is set to current time based on 24 hr clock, there are two groves between the times of 24to3am and 5am to 8am. But it only clicks when the from 5 am.The Horstmann range of products offers a solution for both combi and noncombi boiler installations, meaning you can continue to fit the thermostats and time controls you know and love, safe in the knowledge that your installation will meet the new building regulations. horstmann electronic economy 7 time clock

These immersion heater controls, rated at 3kW, have been developed specifically for use with Economy 7 and White Meter tariffs, and can also take full advantage of more recently developed cheaprate tariffs. Features. Quartz controlled to ten minutes a year; Rechargeable

Horstmann electronic economy 7 time clock free

The Horstmann Economy 7 Quartzis an Electromechanical water heating control, It should be set so that the time line is against the WINTER TIME line in Winter or the SUMMER TIME line during British Summer Time. Adjust the clock by turning the dial clockwise. A battery reserve will keep the clock

Horstmann's Electronic 7 immersion heater control is instantly compatible with tarrifs that keep to Greenwich Mean Time and those that vary with British Summer Time. Fully interchangeable with earlier versions using plugin connectors.

A table of preselectable adjustable programs are offered covering all of the low rate electricity tariffs, including Economy 7, Economy 10& Eco 20: 20 times. Turn the Installer Switch to the program of choice (refer to Installation and User Instructions).

the programmed switchtime settings, at other times the boost facility is available. Time Display The Electronic 7 is fitted with an automatic clock that is preset on manufacture and should not normally require any adjustments by the user. The summerwinter setting is automatically selected and will automatically change.

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This unit has a nonrechargeable longlife battery which will maintain the display and switch time settings for approximately 2 years with the mains electricity supply disconnected. Page 7 Service and Repair The Horstmann Electronic 7 is not user serviceable, so please do not try to dismantle the unit. In the unlikely event of a fault

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