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Apr 14, 2011  From what I understand, which isn't a whole lot, raising the cpunb frequency helps the computer take better advantage of your cpu overclock. Apparently, the cpunb isApr 20, 2013 2400 to 2600 is about right for the CPUNB and you also want to set the HT Link speed to match. For some reason, you get the best performance when they're both set about to 2500. There is a thread on here somewhere that has benches with different CPUNB and HT Link scaling and each around 2500 was where it seemed to work best. cpu nb voltage overclock

Aug 09, 2009  One NB voltage you'll see is the HT link voltage. The other voltage is the actual NB core voltage. And Also PCIE voltage, which is also linked to the NB. That's the three voltages. The NB Vid should be the core voltage of the NB. If you raise HTNB link voltage you may see an increase in cpu

Cpu nb voltage overclock free

Feb 27, 2012 CPUNB voltage. Although it didn't help cpunb clocks as much as I would of liked or expected, CPUNB vlotage made a noticeable difference to HTT clocks. For example at 267 base clock I was using up to 1. 3V on the CPUNB. Again too much voltage and you are going to see backward scaling or crashes with your system.

May 05, 2012 CPUNB the NB that is in the CPU (memory controller), the safe voltage is somewhere up to 1. 3V but I run it around 1. 25V for 2600MHz. Remember that on Phenom II CPU's in order to get maximum performance from overclocking you also need to overclock the CPUNB (most people only overclock the CPU but forget about the NB).

Jul 18, 2012 In order to O. C. the Northbridge your going to want to use the CPUNB Voltage one. Overclocking the NB can help speed up the comunnication process between the CPU and your RAM. With a successful O. C.

Even when using supposed safe voltages as a maximum input limit for overclocking via BIOS, its possible that the motherboard is feeding a significantly different voltage to the CPU. We

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Jul 20, 2012 read careful, this is not NB voltage, but CPUNB voltage (so IMC in CPU). CPUNB could help in high CPU clocks, memory clocks stability and uncore stability. But with higher voltage at it you have higher CPU temps, specially in stress. skellattarr FX can MHz stable at CPUNB with voltage V (depends at quality of chip).

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