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Lohan Qigong is the ancient Chinese health exercise and meditation for wellness from the Buddhist monks. Regulated breathing (Qi) and gentle movements (Gong) combine to rejuvenate the body. The Lohan Qigong system includes the 18 Lohan to invigorate the body, Siu Lohan practice (moving meditation for vitality), pole exercises (therapeutic natural movements to align the body), Tai ChiWe offer a wide range of Qigong classes, workshops, seminars, free gatherings, health retreats (in Sydney, other parts of Australia as well as in China and elswhere). . Call or email us to book an initial consultation and start learning your desired Qigong. As you'll notice some styles of Qigong are quite expensive, especially if taught privately, so to avoid paying too much, choose wisely. chi kung classes sydney

Qigong Sydney is a notforprofit organisation offering free classes which promote health, relaxation, postural alignment and energy generation for all fitness levels. Free Classes: Sundays once a month as confirmed. Private lessons are available.

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Tai Chi Course Content in Sydney: Tai Chi, QigongChi Kung, stretching, breathing, joints exercises and Qigong relaxation energy meditation. These Tai Chi, QigongChi Kung courses are suitable for beginner and also for people with medical conditions such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, lower back pain, high and low blood pressure, insomnia, fatigue and others.

Learn Tai Chi for beginners in Sydney. Tai Chi combines soft, slow and firm movements to engage the body and mind to restore the balance of Yin Yang and Qi (life) energy in order to increase strength and energy, which will help improve your health and well being.

Taoist Tai Yi Tai Chi was founded by a Taoist priest in Chinese Song Dynasty, and it is one of the unique courses offered at Kung Fu Republic. The core of Tai Yi Tai Chi is to think Tai Chi as a roundness dividing into two halves. Half is Yin and the other half is Yang, complementing each other.

Qigong is a holistic system of training combining movement, breathing and meditation to integrate the body and mind. Rooted in ancient Chinese culture; Qigong (also known as Chi Kung) is a practice focused on developing Qi (Chi, Life force, Energy. )

Sydney Tai Chi, Wushu (Kung Fu)& Bagua classes Pei Lei Wushu Association provides training in the traditional Chinese martial arts in Sydney, Australia, offering Tai Chi, Wushu (also known as Kung Fu) and Baguazhang. Traditional Yangstyle Tai Chi is the primary focus of the school to ensure the continuation of the art by future generations.

Sydney Vision Tai Chi, Qigong, Health and Harmony Centre teaches Tai Chi and Qigong in and around Sydney and the to help you improve your health and to better understand your body. Many of our Tai Chi classes are paid for by local council and so are FREE for you to attend. Simply find a class close to you and come along. Bring some water and wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.

Tai Chi On Sydney Harbour Bridge Learn More. Bringing Health of Mind, Body and Spirit to Australians for over 43 years since 1976. AATC ClassesOnline Videos. Classes& courses in Australia, NSW, QLD, WA& NZ. Learn more. AATC Events. Join Park Lessons, Workshops, Tours& Retreats Learn more.

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Develop basic kung fu movements while you learn. Qigong Sydney is a notforprofit organisation offering free qigong classes with the benefits of meditation, balance, coordination and improved health.

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