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Jun 06, 2008  Snooze no more thanks to the Blowfly alarm clock. It works by launching itself at the preset time, hovers in the air and emits an annoying buzzing noise much like that ofDec 25, 2009 Then, meet the Blowfly alarm clock, a concept that will force you to rise in on time. When this clock hits the appointed time, the siren begins to wail and the plastic propeller goes up, up and away. So, the the only way to stop the annoying alarm is to jump out of the bed, catch flying object, and place it back into the clock! Buy it here (29. 99) blowfly flying alarm clock buy

Jan 26, 2007 Buzzing, copterinspired Blowfly alarm clock goes on sale. Darren Murph. the Blowfly alarm clock has hit production. catch the flying object, and place it back into the clock, that awful

Blowfly flying alarm clock buy free

Mar 01, 2014  Say goodbye to getting late for work! The Flying Alarm Clock is the most enjoyable way of waking up. When the alarm goes off, a helicopter flies into the air, carrying the key to turn off the alarm. You'll surely get out of bed to find the key and silence the

Oct 04, 2007 When your alarm kicks in this gizmo starts to spin and takes off into the air.

Dec 11, 2005  Many sleepers experience that after they turn off the alarm clock they go on sleeping. One thing that sometimes wakes you up at night and prevents you from sleeping is the mosquito or blowfly when flying around your room. You cant and dont want to fall asleep again until youve caught it

Aug 11, 2019 I was a bit slow on the uptake reporting on this, however better late than never. Maybe just as annoying as the grenade alarm but hows this for a self inflicted annoying alarm clock, the Blowfly flying alarm clock. The Blowfly works by waking you up with an annoying mosquitoish sound as it flies

Mar 20, 2006  The Blowfly alarm clock works like a Blowfly. At the desired time it flies off from its cage and starts flying and making an irritating buzzing sound around you. The only way to stop it is to wake up catch it and put it back in the cage. No 1 Puzzle Alarm clock At the top of the alarm clock is a puzzle made up of four pieces.

Feb 02, 2007 The crazy little flying alarm that will help me get up in the morning. question is where can i buy one of these?

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Aug 11, 2015  Blowfly (Flying Alarm Clock) Alarm Clock Available for Purchase sort of Our team of experts work around the clock researching 100s of products and

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