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Dec 28, 2013  I just got Madden 25 on the Xbox 360 and am keen to explore the franchise mode. Normally what I like to do is to spectate for the games, ie to watch the games rather than play them. You can do this in the play now option but in franchise modeJan 26, 2014 Howdy, I wanted to share this with all connected franchise mode players. I created a database with all 30 rookie drafts which includes all the player ratings and attributes. madden 25 owner mode draft classes

The name change to Connected Franchise is accompanied by a whole new career path in Madden NFL 25. For some time Owner mode has appeared to be what will determine most the value of this years edition in the series at least in terms of new features. What follows is a runthrough of the Owner mode

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May 13, 2013 Draft Classes for Madden 25 and stadium builders to go with an owner mode. The draft classes like Madden 13 which started with Head Coach '09 are for me the most enjoyable part of Madden. I want them to expand on them, the varying story lines was a brilliant idea but it can go further.

lotusfather's Madden 25 Draft Guide The draft guide is accurate for my playthrough so far. There are players who can and will change position, stay in school and get injured in college. All effecting their draft position, ratings and development.

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Sep 02, 2013 Repeating draft classes in Madden 25? So I just started my 10th season of offline owner mode, and as I began scouting prospects for the draft, I noticed it is the same exact draft class from eight seasons prior. This has completely screwed my franchise mode experience, so now I have to start over.

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