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Aug 09, 2010 Day: Somewhere between Panama and Colombia. I was on the fence as to whether I should sail from San Blas Panama to Colombia. The accounts of the trip were polarizing; some people had a disastrous time with cokehead captains beaching their ship on sand bars while they spent the entire time seasick but then there were those who said it was a highlight of their trip.Sailing from Colombia to Panama has become one of the great backpacker journeys of the world. Where else can you spend 3 tranquil days sailing through the beautiful white sand islands of San Blas by yacht or catamaran, covered in palm trees and amazing beaches, after two days on a boat to Panama from the amazing colonial fortress city of Cartagena. comments sailing from panama to colombia

Jul 25, 2018  The best way to travel from Panama to Colombia is through the San Blas Islands. Spend 4 days on this stunning paradise with new friends and a cocktail in hand! Were sharing everything you need to know about booking your own trip with San Blas Adventures; from what to

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Sailing between Panama and Colombia is an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. Sailing to Colombia or sailing to Panama means youll spend around 3 days in the beautiful San Blas islands of Panama. Why would you want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity by flying when you can travel by boat to Colombia or by boat to Panama?

From day one of our trip we were really looking forward to the prospect of a sailing adventure between Colombia and Panama via the San Blas Islands. And luckily on

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So, we spent a day researching how we could get to Colombia from Panama on our own, for less money and without a visit to San Blas. Disappointingly however, most Google searches on the border crossing were dominated by the San Blas tour companies, thereby making it seem as

Mar 29, 2019  Multiple boat companies now offer passage from Panama to Colombia via the San Blas Islands with trips ranging from three to five days and starting at around 500 This may seem like a hell of a lot of money, and it is, but if you need to travel between Panama and Colombia, this is definitely one of the best value ways to make the trip.

Answer 1 of 18: Hello, I'm planning to be in the San Blas islands in March and I am looking for a stay on board boat option. Most of the boats you stay on are going to Colombia, but I only want to do the 3 nights in the islands. Ave Maria advertise the

Aug 13, 2019 Cycling from Alaska to Argentina also involved sailing from Panama to Colombia along the way. This was a real highlight of the bike tour, and involved spending time at the San Blas islands near Panama. I very nearly stayed on the islands for a month! More about the Sailing Koala to Colombia here.

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