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An arson investigator training program unlike a basic fire course or advance program focuses directly on fire investigation, research, analysis, and reporting. Its designed to train you for certifications and advancement in this field of forensic science and criminal investigation.interFIRE provides fire investigators, firefighters, fire services, insurers, insurance companies, law enforcement and others whose duties include arson investigation with fire scene training materials and educational information. arson investigation classes

Oct 07, 2019 Below you will find all of the classes currently offered by IAAI International and IAAI Chapters who have submitted their classes to be included here. Click on a International class name to view information about it and register. Under each International class name is a list of the currentlyschedules session of this class.

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California. If you would like to bring a PATC seminar to your facility please call (800) or use this form. Tell me more about PATC Training Options

In the upper division baccalaureate degree category, four semester hours in fire science, fire arson investigation, or criminal justice. This 10day course utilizes the best practices in the fire investigation profession to instruct students in the science and techniques of modern fire investigation.

Fire Investigation and Training. Fire investigation services are available to police and fire service agencies throughout Michigan, 24 hours a day. The Michigan State Police, Fire Investigation Unit has field offices located in strategic locations to provide convenient and timely services. Police and fire agencies may call (1888

The National Fire Academy, ATF, the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation all operate advanced schools in fire investigation. Formal coursework combines classroom instruction with field work and research opportunities.

Sep 12, 2019  As part of this cooperative effort, ATF offers training in arson and explosives for state and local investigators and prosecutors. Available Courses. Advanced Explosives Disposal Techniques (Course ID EXPLCS0001) Advanced Origin and CauseCourtroom

It is the only Fire Investigator Certification based solely on the scientific principles of NFPA 921. Administered by NAFI's National Certification Board, the CFEI is oldest and most widely held Fire Investigation Certification. Join us for the Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigation Training Program. March 912, 2020. A serious job

The IAAICFI qualification is a standardized evaluation of a fire investigators training and expertise. Investigators applying for IAAICFI certification must complete an extensive application requiring documentation, earn sufficient points for their achievements in education, training, and experience, and pass a comprehensive examination.

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