Major classes of air pollutants

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Chapter 19 Air Pollution Major Classes of Air Pollutants Particulate Material Nitrogen Oxides Sulfur Oxides Carbon Oxides Hydrocarbons Ozone Coal pollution in China Particulate Material Tiny particles (solid or liquid) suspended in air Includes: soil particles, ash, lead, asbestos, sea salt, sulfuric acid dropletsHave them fill out Reproducible# 1 Types of Air Pollutants for their assigned air pollutant only. 2. Ask groups to come together as a class and call each group up to front of the room to present their findings. Choose one member of the group to write notes on the board while another speaks to the class. major classes of air pollutants

Groundlevel Ozone (O3) Secondary pollutant formed by chemical reaction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and NOx in the presence of sunlight. Decreases lung function and causes respiratory symptoms, such as coughing and shortness of breath, and also makes asthma and other lung diseases get worse. More on Ground Level Ozone Here.

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