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2019-12-11 13:45

Same is true here with James Thurber's 1950 fantasy tale, The 13 Clocks. The story is about an evil Duke who has been c I picked up this book thinking that this could be classified as just another children's book.Jun 19, 2016 The New York Review has just reissued Thurber's classic, paired with the illustrations by Marc Simont, with a new introduction by Neil Gaiman. The 13 Clocks is as full of fairy tale as you can get, with a Princess, the evil Duke, and, of course, a Prince. the 13 clocks by james thurber review

The 13 Clocks. The story of the book is pitched young enough to be the sort of book that a parent would read to their child and the child would later read themselves, and it would be great fun to read aloud with silly voices. Thurber's writing is full of word play, puns, and bits of near poetry.

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The second story in this volume, The Wonderful O is good, but not quite the treasure found in the first story. It delights in rhyme and wordpl The 13 Clocks is wonderful, an absolute delight. Thurber's wordplay is marvellously inventive, and the fairytale manages to

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The 13 Clocks: (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) [James Thurber, Marc Simont, Neil Gaiman on Amazon. com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A giant of American humor makes his Penguin Classics debut with probably the best book in the world (Neil Gaiman

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