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Aug 25, 2012 Cabomba Aquatica is a very fast growing plant and can grow upto 2 in a single day. This is not a plant for beginners as it demands a lot of time topping and replanting. This plant produces manyPurple Cabomba and Red Cabomba plants can also be sold as Purple Fanwort and Red Fanwort. Under the right tank conditions, a Cabomba plant can make an excellent background plant. When Buying A Cabomba Plant. A Cabomba plant is a stem plant often sold bunched at the base by a tight rubber band. comment planter cabomba aquatica

Cabomba Aquatica is one of the most popular types of Cabomba available in the aquarium trade. It is an easy stem plant, suitable for beginners compared to some other harder to keep Cabomba types. It works great as a background or midground coverage when planted

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Cabomba Aquatica. It works great as a background or midground coverage when planted in dense clusters and can grow into a thick bush of delicate green leaves. This plant can be great for beginners because it is hardy and does not require CO2 injection. It does prefer a

Oct 05, 2014  Cabomba How to Grow and Care for Cabomba. Cabomba is an adaptable plant, and it can grow in nearly any environment that features slow moving or stagnant water. It is found in streams, rivers, ponds, ditches, canals and small lakes. It grows densely in the wild, and will crowd out other plants and even wildlife.

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Cabomba aquatica. Cabomba is a very popular aquarium plant from South America owing to its beautiful foliage. It reaches 3080 cm and each stem can become 58 cm wide. The least demanding of the Cabombaspecies, but still causes problems in poorly lit aquariums. If there is not sufficient light, try Limnophila sessiliflora, which requires less light.

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