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getcommentmeta() allows you to pull any meta values stored against comments, which have been set using addcommentmeta(). Similar method to getpostmeta(). Useful within the comments. php template when displaying comments against a post.Mar 23, 2016 The WordPress Comment Meta API Throughout this series, we've been using the WordPress definition of metadata as our foundation for understanding how this information is represented in the context of our environment. Specifically, we've said: Metadata is handled withkeyvaluepairs. wordpress comment author meta

Nov 29, 2018  As such, youll often want to get WP author meta from the site so that you can show it off in your template. The way to get meta author tag information from WordPress is a handy function called gettheauthormeta (or, if you dont need to do any processing, theauthormeta). Using this function is a great way to get the author meta fields from your WordPress users, and show those author fields in

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May 20, 2016  Published on May 20, 2016 In this super quick WordPress tutorial, we share a simple bit of code to remove the meta information (Author, Date, Comments) from the head of your WordPress

Aug 05, 2017  I built my own comments. php on my project. I want to get the comment author custom meta data in customcomments. php. I search every page on

I've add the field country in the comment form. Working nice and I can see the value in the table commentmeta. Now I try to display this value in my comment list. In my single. php I call the list

Advanced Uses A plugin may add an additional field in the registration or manage users, which adds a new value in the wpusermeta (where wp is your data base prefix. For this example we will use a Twitter ID if a plugin set metakey value to twitter and metavalue to wordpress then

Styling Comment Author and Meta Information. WordPress also adds classes to elements displayed in each comment header. This allows theme designers to customize the display of author information and other comment meta such as comment date and time. Here is a sample code to paste in your themes style. css file to style these elements differently.

gettheauthormeta() returns the data for use programmatically in PHP. To just display it instead, use theauthormeta() If the specified meta field does not exist for this user, an empty string is returned. Plugins may add additional fields to the user profile, which in turn adds new keyvalue pairs to the wpusermeta database table.

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